Mount Agung Volcano Eruption Soon?

I saw that the Mt. Agung Volcano was active and under an evacuation warning earlier today. Out of curiosity, I googled around to find out more about how I could know up to the minute what was going on with it. To weed out the nonsense from the real information I used the following query: Mount Agung seismic activity -news -guardian -express -cnn and went to page 3 or 4 to find the following:

Huge Map with Live updates on all Earthquakes in the same region of Indonesia:

Jakarta Post news article from Sept 25 (6 days from today!):

Some serious details about the type of monitoring performed by an org. called WOVO:

The 1998 Frostburg Tornado

June 2, 1998 PA-MD-WV Tornado Outbreak

“As the days followed, debris from Frostburg was found up to 100 miles away. A jacket, bought by a woman on June 2 in Frostburg, was found with the bag and receipt near Levels, WV, 25 miles away. A 400 acre farm in Gorman, Maryland, just across the river from Paw Paw, WV (about 27 miles from Frostburg) had debris strewn across it. The farmer found shingles, pieces of siding and insulation. House debris was found in Paw Paw, WV and into the northern tip of Frederick County, VA. A JC Penny catalog belonging to the family whose house was wiped off its foundation was found in Winchester, VA, 60 miles away, along with a piece of a high school diploma from a school in Frostburg. Another part of a high school diploma was found north of Berryville about 80 miles away. A bill that had been in a basement file cabinet in the Frostburg house was found in Sterling, VA which is about 100 miles from Frostburg.” – NOAA


BookingWizz by Convergine

I wanted to take a moment and share a really great PHP based system designed for the simple purpose of taking bookings for a business. I found BookingWizz while looking for a solution for a Bed & Breakfast website project. After looking at popular systems like “BookFresh” and antiquated “Rezovation/Webervations“, who charge a monthly fee to host and support the backend software (which is built on Silverlight 0.o), I headed to CodeCanyon. I don’t have the time, resources, or experience to develop a system on my own. This solution was perfect for me – it offers multi day services, events, coupons, and integration with PayPal and WordPress. All for $39. And the kicker, it is fully viewport responsive. Setup was accomplished in a matter of minutes. I’m impressed. Thank you Convergine! One thing to note about this application is that there is no back end calendar viewing portal as of version five point five and it lacks in the sense that you cannot easily view bookings in a list view, in case you run a very busy business.

My First Post: Some Intentions and Thoughts

I’ve always wanted to have my own blog where I could store research, thoughts, opinions, and some cool pictures. I don’t expect much from this but I do hope that perhaps somebody would be able relate to it, find it useful, or have a good laugh.

Eventually, I’d like to work on an automotive journalism blog that would include video productions. It’s difficult to start something like that without ever having some decent writing experience. One of my main goals in all of this is to find my voice and writing style.

Some topics I’d like to touch on include:
Warning! Thought vomit ahead..

  • The basics of website development, a tutorial
  • Some documentation behind the HTML5UP themes developed by @n33co
  • A general list of helpful links I have compiled over the years, regarding website development and programming in general
  • A gamut of tutorials to help friends or relatives learn things on the computer or internet
  • The basics of building your own computer, a tutorial
  • The advanced topics and considerations in building your own computer
  • A review for every car in the family. First a written post and eventually a video to coincide.
  • Continuation of my cooking show, The Tiny Kitchen.
  • Video reviews of nearly anything I deem original and review-able. Good example is my ordering experience with Frames Direct.
  • Automotive opinions; with bitching about GM and Chrysler and praise for Subaru, Acura, Lexus, Toyota (yeah, I said it), Honda, Ford, and any other brand that doesn’t obviously have a bureaucracy plagued by three day weekends and coffee breaks.
  • Best car for the money posts
  • Car deal/find of the day for the Maryland area
  • Complaining about first world nonsense

Ok, I think that’s enough for now. Now to go waste time picking a WordPress theme while later realizing that “2014” is probably the best one because it looks simple and seems to be viewport responsive.