The 1998 Frostburg Tornado

June 2, 1998 PA-MD-WV Tornado Outbreak

“As the days followed, debris from Frostburg was found up to 100 miles away. A jacket, bought by a woman on June 2 in Frostburg, was found with the bag and receipt near Levels, WV, 25 miles away. A 400 acre farm in Gorman, Maryland, just across the river from Paw Paw, WV (about 27 miles from Frostburg) had debris strewn across it. The farmer found shingles, pieces of siding and insulation. House debris was found in Paw Paw, WV and into the northern tip of Frederick County, VA. A JC Penny catalog belonging to the family whose house was wiped off its foundation was found in Winchester, VA, 60 miles away, along with a piece of a high school diploma from a school in Frostburg. Another part of a high school diploma was found north of Berryville about 80 miles away. A bill that had been in a basement file cabinet in the Frostburg house was found in Sterling, VA which is about 100 miles from Frostburg.” – NOAA