BookingWizz by Convergine

I wanted to take a moment and share a really great PHP based system designed for the simple purpose of taking bookings for a business. I found BookingWizz while looking for a solution for a Bed & Breakfast website project. After looking at popular systems like “BookFresh” and antiquated “Rezovation/Webervations“, who charge a monthly fee to host and support the backend software (which is built on Silverlight 0.o), I headed to CodeCanyon. I don’t have the time, resources, or experience to develop a system on my own. This solution was perfect for me – it offers multi day services, events, coupons, and integration with PayPal and WordPress. All for $39. And the kicker, it is fully viewport responsive. Setup was accomplished in a matter of minutes. I’m impressed. Thank you Convergine! One thing to note about this application is that there is no back end calendar viewing portal as of version five point five and it lacks in the sense that you cannot easily view bookings in a list view, in case you run a very busy business.