My First Post: Some Intentions and Thoughts

I’ve always wanted to have my own blog where I could store research, thoughts, opinions, and some cool pictures. I don’t expect much from this but I do hope that perhaps somebody would be able relate to it, find it useful, or have a good laugh.

Eventually, I’d like to work on an automotive journalism blog that would include video productions. It’s difficult to start something like that without ever having some decent writing experience. One of my main goals in all of this is to find my voice and writing style.

Some topics I’d like to touch on include:
Warning! Thought vomit ahead..

  • The basics of website development, a tutorial
  • Some documentation behind the HTML5UP themes developed by @n33co
  • A general list of helpful links I have compiled over the years, regarding website development and programming in general
  • A gamut of tutorials to help friends or relatives learn things on the computer or internet
  • The basics of building your own computer, a tutorial
  • The advanced topics and considerations in building your own computer
  • A review for every car in the family. First a written post and eventually a video to coincide.
  • Continuation of my cooking show, The Tiny Kitchen.
  • Video reviews of nearly anything I deem original and review-able. Good example is my ordering experience with Frames Direct.
  • Automotive opinions; with bitching about GM and Chrysler and praise for Subaru, Acura, Lexus, Toyota (yeah, I said it), Honda, Ford, and any other brand that doesn’t obviously have a bureaucracy plagued by three day weekends and coffee breaks.
  • Best car for the money posts
  • Car deal/find of the day for the Maryland area
  • Complaining about first world nonsense

Ok, I think that’s enough for now. Now to go waste time picking a WordPress theme while later realizing that “2014” is probably the best one because it looks simple and seems to be viewport responsive.